New York artist

News from the Studio

  Though it seemed like the winter that would never end, well, here we are in Spring already. Today was such a perfect day weather wise that I thought mother nature was sending an April Fools joke one day late. I happened to look out to the yard though and saw the first robin, an oriole, downings, and sparrows gathering pieces of straw to make their little nests.                          
By far the biggest news of the week though was I was accepted to battle again in The Battle of the Beadsmith. Last year was my first year and I was TERRIFIED that I was not worthy. I honed my skills though, and "painted" the most lovely necklace with thousands of beads and gem stones. Perhaps you remember my entry, Chinese Dragon Fish?

chinese dragon fish

This year I'm still pondering what my story and technique will be. I better hurry though, I only have 2 months from now to completion! I'm not biting my nails yet. I have faith that my "muse" will visit me in my sleep again this year and guide me to this years beaded story. The journey continues and I'm loving every minute of it. ~Namaste~ my friends.